Website Museum für Kommunikation

Digital 2021

Redesign of the website for the Museum of Communication in Bern. Modular design components enable the editorial team to independently assemble diverse and also structurally complex pages. Accessibility was considered as an important element from the beginning and design and programming take the AA standard into account. Extensive user testing was carried out to check and optimise the general clarity and structure of the content.

Code: Micro Solutions GmbH

Launch Site:

A central search field can be displayed above the content and makes it easier to find the correct information quickly.

The client was provided with various design modules for the creation of the pages.

Photography: Beat Schweizer

To make the page clearer and the navigation more intuitive, further content is displayed in overlays.

Specially drawn and animated icons (Lottie / Json) playfully refer to the most searched content in the form of quicklinks.

With the new website, the museum conveys its content in an exciting and reader-friendly way through storytelling. The search for information is facilitated by a clear structure and the target groups reach the relevant content more quickly. Surprises and playful elements lighten up the information search and reflect the work of the museum.

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