Theo Gerber – Science Fiction

Design of the catalogue for the exhibition "Theo Gerber – Science Fiction". The publication shows Gerbers complete oeuvre in chronological order, three accompanying text contributions classify his work biographically and historically.

Photography by David Aebi, Printing and binding by DZA
ISBN 978-3-03942-126-8

In order to make Gerber's detailed oeuvre comprehensible in the book, greatly enlarged excerpts of the paintings are reproduced on full-bleed pages. Distributed throughout the book, they give the publication a surprising dramaturgy and encourage readers to change their distance from the page. It is almost as if one were to step closer to the work in the exhibition.

The expressive font in the title refers – in addition to formal references to Gerbers paintings – to the time of his greatest creative period and was inspired by an exhibition invitation found in the archive.