SCDH – Annual Report 2021

The Swiss Center for Design and Health is a national technology competency center and a research institution of international significance. At the interface of design and health, it combines interdisciplinary university research and private industry in order to facilitate knowledge and technology transfer. The SCDH asked us to design their first annual report. The report summarizes the year 2021 and communicates their mission to a broader audience.

As a starting point we focused on the newly established facilities of the SCDH, an industrial hangar in Nidau Biel/Bienne. We used a dot grid taken from the architectural plans of the hangar as the basic structure. The grid also refers to a pin board, as it is used for creating ideas, teamwork and process documentation.

Together with the typeface Apax, the grid is used as an identifying element that goes beyond the annual report. It gives the SCDH an intimate flexible visual presence, which underlines the open and process-oriented attitude of the competency center.

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