SAA SOFT WEAR – Laure DeSelys

Design collaboration with artist Laure Deselys for the booth project Lore D Sely(SAA)/SOFT WEAR at the Swiss Art Awards 2022 in Basel. The project hijacks and deconstructs the official look and website material of this year's edition and shapes it into a pseudo brand and store.

On display are a collection of t-shirts hanging across the room. On the back of the shirts is an image sequence generated by an artificial intelligence. The program was fed with this year's promotional visuals of all participating artists. The t-shirts are arranged on the pole in such a way that the metamorphosis of the image can be seen.

On the front of each t-shirt an individual haiku is placed that morphs works into one scene, playing with the official information of the Swiss Art Awards.

The t-shirts feature a custom-generated logo label and Brand-Slogan on the insight.

Finally, the space is accompanied with a sound installation, which in turn reinterprets fragments of a poem surrounding the brand. Listen to the Sound loop of David Stämpfli (Kilo Hertz Club) on

Original corporate identity for the Swiss Art Awards 2022: Eilean Friis-Lund and Alice Vodoz.