Museum für Kommunikation

Identity 2017
Visual identity with various applications. Competition, 1st prize
Three points (technical term: ellipsis) – this familiar symbol marks the beginning of the newly conceived corporate design for the Museum of Communication in Bern. The ellipsis is known across generations, it is language-neutral and occurs in various forms of communication, both in the digital and in the analogue world. By embedding the symbol in the custom font (designed by Reto Moser), the word and figurative mark becomes a flexible symbol that can be adapted to the different areas of applications and requirements. The logo marks the beginning of the story and opens the space for the museum, which will fill it with its multifaceted content in the future.

Museum building (Banner by nulleins GmbH)


Colour concept

Printed matter


Grid construction

Programme leaflets


Shirt proposal

Writing pad

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