Julie Pfleiderer Directs

Portfolio website for the multimedia artist Julie Pfleiderer.
The aim was to present the many diverse aspects of her work on the website in a media-responsive form.

Bonsma & Reist developed the visual presence of the website, based on the simple idea of seeing the website as a digital business card for the artist, which she can constantly carry and showcase on her mobile device.

The website is a departure from apps such as Tik-Tok, YouTube shorts and Instagram Reel, which have fundamentally changed the way video content is consumed in recent years. The visual language and simple, intuitive navigation make use of this “learned” way of interacting. You can scroll through all of Pfleiderer's work in a similar way. As an added extra, it is possible to switch between a single or split view and thus get to know the works in different ways (immersive or analytical).

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