Brand Identity Junge Bühne Bern

The Junge Bühne Bern is committed to children, teenagers and young adults who are enthusiastic about theatre and want to perform on stage under professional direction. Bonsma & Reist is responsible for the visual identity and has been designing various means of communication such as flyers, posters for performances and digital media for over 10 years. The language is cheerful, inviting and playful. The message is conveyed with a few simple elements and a limited but carefully coordinated colour palette.

The central element of the identity is the MT Grotesque font in two different weights (Regular and Extra Condensed). Illustrative elements are composed of simple basic shapes (circle, triangle, square) and arranged on a mm grid. The colour combinations are taken from a limited but carefully compiled range.

Anniversary poster featuring every flyer from 10 years of theatre production

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